March 23, 2013

School work

In school, there are two kinds of children. The ones who have figured out their need for attention and will study and do good by the books, just to keep everyone happy with them. Lets call them the A category. And others who would bunk school at whim and do whatever they feel like. Ride a bike, learn a coding language, read a book, write a poem, chat all day, talk all day, make stuff or do nothing, just lie around and look at the clouds. The B category.

As far as experience serves memory, the A kids end up getting amazing jobs, marrying early and having the true blue family life. Or in the modern world, giving them up, to do what they really love and start again from scratch.

The B kids however, know what makes them happy from the very beginning, and know that it is alright if you break a few rules. It is ok if people don't get you and you're alone. That goes away. School-work and their undying hatred for repetitive, seemingly useless tasks, never does. And that is what drives them. To remember what makes them happy. They get real jobs, have real careers and make the real difference in the world around us when they grow up because they do what they love and do it well. They are what the "real world" is made up of. And that is heartening.


Geetanjali said...

you always write my heart out!

Geetanjali said...

You always write my heart out! More strength to you :)